Wordpress plugins are great tools for your website to add extra functionality. In this post, I will explain some great and best tools for your professional website that increase your visibility and traffic. With the help of these essential plugins/tools, you can also increase your website visitors gradually.

There are different categories of websites and each category has some different features. These are some essential plugins that every professional have. You can filter out these plugins and put these plugins according to use. Websites have many concerns when they developed. After adding these plugins, some of the concerns will fix like speed, security, SEO, Proper layout etc.

There are plenty no of plugins developed and each has its own functionalities. It reduces lots of works on your part. The official plugin repository has over almost 55,000 WordPress plugins and counting.

You will find multiple plugins for each functionality. You will find the best among these plugins that suit your website and your businesses and install them. You can find the free as well as paid plugins among those most plugins developed as freebies. It is called freemium plugins. It installs as a free and offers updgradation options to access premium features.

This post is all about free as well as paid plugins.

Top wordpress plugins for your website in 2019.

In this article, we includes some of the security plugins, social media plugins, speed plugins, SEO plugins, POP-UP plugins, Live chat plugins, E-Commerce plugins, Landing Page Plugins, Header and Footer plugins etc, that helps your website to look attractive and engaging.

WordPress Social Media Plugin

WordPress ecommerce plugin

wordpress POP-Up plugin

WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress email and Newsletter Plugin

WordPress user registration plugin

WordPress registration plugin

Worpress Analytics plugin

WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress redirection Plugin

WordPress Form builder Plugins

WordPress Optimizar and Performance Plugins

Worpress Header and Footer Plugins

Let’s Explain One by One.