Content Ideas Generator is one of the best tools for bloggers to generate good and quality content for your blogs.

Are you a blogger? Are you searching for content ideas for your blogging website? Haven’t you found any content ideas? Are you totally sucks about contents? If yes, then you lend on the right place.

In recent research done by The Content Marketing Institute, they found that “57% of B2B marketers say that producing content consistently is their biggest struggle.”

And the struggle is real. If you are a blogger and write 10-12 blogs on any topic in a week, it can be totally exhausting. and the main part is to find the right topic is very difficult for bloggers.

So out of pure necessity, I have experimented with a different tools to aid me in the process of generating the new content ideas for my blogs.

Some are free while some are paid version. Using one or more tools to generate infinite number of content ideas for your blogs.

  1. HubSpot’s Blog Idea Generator :– This tool is one of the best tools for generating a handful of ideas quickly. It is very easy to use and generate content easily. Once you search keyword for your content, It gives five content ideas at one time and then you have to choose on which topic you want to write.

If you search “Digital marketing future in India” , It will give you 5 idea on which you write down for your blog. This would be unique content idea. It is a great starting point for the blogger to find useful content for their blogs.

2. UberSuggest :- This tool is simple in use. Enter the keyword and dozens , even hundreds of content are displayed in their dashboard. We are attaching the screen short of keyword idea generated in Uber Suggest.

3. Google Trends :- In my opinion, you all are habitual with Google Trends. It show the trending topic or searched topic according to time. You can filter out the topic according to location as well as date. Google trends also generate content idea well. You can find which topic is trending in real time and write content on these topics.

There are three things which you can find in Google Trends.

  1. You can search/browse the related topic to see what is popular in this time. I am sharing the screenshot of my browse topic.

This will give you content idea about topic. you can find these trending topic and write down the blog on these related topics.

Second Google trends will determine about the search trends. In other words, Google Trends shows a graph of ups and down theses search topics. you can find the idea that which content or topics have more search in these time periods.

4. Potent’s Content Idea Generator :– If you are looking for quick access of content idea for your blogs, this tool would really help you. It is a great way to generate good title content that user can look up and read carefully.

Here is an example i am attaching it.

In the above picture, I have searched entertainment. It displays the 5 related content for you. For more content idea click on the refresh button. Many bloggers prefer this tool because it’s an easy way to come up with cool and Catchy titles.

5. Contentrow Universal generator :- This website is one of the good for content idea generator. This is not as much popular as others. In this content idea generator, If content is not found correct, the visitors will bounce from your website, results in increase bounce rate. So be careful when you find content. The concept is simple. You enter a subject, and a handful of relevant link bait title ideas will appear

Here’s what pops up when I enter “Fashion”

Not too shabby.

This isn’t to say you’ll want to use every single idea this tool suggests, but you can definitely use it to streamline your brainstorming.

Most of the time, you can come up with some pretty catchy titles that will bring in considerable traffic.

Just make sure your content hits its mark.

Conclusion :-

I think We all are an update about the Google’s fresh content algorithm that clearly defines the content originality and its quality. If you are blogging for over a long time then you know about this tools and better understand about the content originality but one thing i want to tell you that you do always brainstorming about content idea.For this act you frequently visited this website and for those who never know about this website , they can find the best content idea from these websites.

If you are a serious blogger or going to start blogging, I suggest you to check at least once these websites for content idea. You can check these five tools and do a little experiment about this.

This should make it much easier to accelerate your blog with the killer content.