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This blog is related to top 5 professional courses after 12th. The world is going to digitally strong day to day. In this secerio even India is one of the counry that has about 50% of the population surfing the internet in a month on their smartphone as well as desktop and laptop. After coming 4G in India, all the data, information  and courses accessed by every remote users. In this way, there are many option for your career opens in multidimensional. If you want to do career oriented professional courses, then you need to know about these courses. These course will open new door for your future and make your career better. There are various good institutions opens across india  who conducting these types of courses and get a reputed job and earn good amount of money.

So here is the list of courses :

  1. Animation and editing:- In animation, There are diploma as well as certificate level courses. These courses include video production, video editing, graphics designing, motion graphics, and many more. In these types of courses , students learn all the practical as well as technical aspects of You can join in these course after 12th and after completing this course you can get a job in big company. Many institutions will provide internship as well placement to their students.
Animation and editing

If you are a creative and want to make career in this field, this is good option for you. You can take admission after 12th in various institutions. In animation there are need for various technical aspects such as scripting, life drawing, model animation etc. If you want to perfect animation you should need to do hard work, need to develop visualization power, imagination power, creativity, logical understanding as well as to work under the given deadline.

Top Institutions– Arena Multimedia, Techno Point, and global school of animation delhi, Mumbai. You can find your institutions in your city by doing enquiry in these institutions. You can also apply in government colleges for this.

2. Digital Marketing:– In this digital era, you can earn upto lakh in a month after completing these types of courses. Digital marketing is one of the most trending courses where you can do some short term courses and join digital marketing company. Initially your designation will be executive level but after two to three years you will become a digital marketing manager.

digital marketing institute in patna

There is no any further qualification of this course. You can join after 12th.

There are various companies who are going to online and make their presence in front of potential audiences. In this case they need atleast one digital marketer to cater their online marketing and generate some good amount of leads. So, they require digital marketer in their company.

In this field you need to creative and strong analytical skills so that you can deliver best results for your clients. You need also good communication skills so that you can entertain your clients as well as manage your team. You should become tech savvy and updates all the latest algorithm of all the channels and keep track of your competitors move.

After successfully completing the course, you will get 18k to 22k in a company as a freshers depends on the location where you get the job and after one year it will increase.

There various field of digital marketing. You can make career in social media manager, Search engine marketing (SEO) Expert, Google analyst,  Blogger, Content writer etc.

Course Fee:- There are minimum course fee for this course. It will cost around 28K to 45K for three month of whole course fee.

Course Duration:- There are many institute which provide digital marketing course for the students as well as professionals. For students course duration is 3-4 months and for professional it will be 2-3 months (depending upon the modules).

Institutes: You can search the institutes on your location for this course and get enquire. If they provide job after completion of this course then you can enroll. If you want to take course online then many institutions also provide online course for their students and professionals.

3. Data Science:– Some business tycoons say Data science is the most sexiest and demanding job now a days. This is because they provide a business solutions from the some bytes of data, indeed a hero !

A McKinsey Global Institute study agrees. It states that by 2019, the world will face a shortage of about more than 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills. This show no slowing down of demands of this fields. There a rush among a global companies to hire best data scientist and tame their revenue multiple times.

data science and its scope
data science and its scope

Some of the good institutes offering this courses are

IIM Calcutta + ISI Kolkata + IIT Kharagpur: They offer a 2-years full-time course with 18 months of industry training and 6 months internship.

Praxis: Praxis, Gurgaon, offers a 1-year full-time course with 9-months training and 3-months internship.

IIM Bangalore: This is a 6-months part-time course held at the Bangalore campus. It is a course meant for people with 4+ years of experience.

Digital Vidya: They offer 20 week full time course. After the course they also provide job assistance for their candidate.

Upgrad :- It has full time course of 11 months.

You can also find more institutes that provide this types of courses. First enquire and clear all the doubts and then take admission.

Eligibility Criteria: Since it’s a Master’s course, the necessary requirement is to have a Bachelor’s degree, and understanding of technology.

Course Fee-

Depending on the institute and comprehensive of the curriculum, as well as the training method (LMS or classroom), the course can cost anywhere from INR 50,000 to INR 600,000.

Job Opportunity and Placements:-

As of May 2019,  the average salary for a Data Scientist role is Rs. 622,162 according to According to a report, the total number of analytics and data science job positions available are 97,000 . Graduates can find roles as data scientists, architects, administrators, analysts or even Business Intelligence Managers in any organization that deals with large volumes of data.

4. Designing (fashion/ Interior/ Web) – Person who are very creative and fulfill the users requirements is called professional designer. Designing is all about networking and marketing your products in a beautiful/presentable manner for sale. As a designer, you need to have a considerable amount of thought process, research, and modelling/designing.  If you are very creative and have presentable skills and satisfy your clients with their requirements, This career option is very good for you.

fashion designing graphics designing web designing

There are many government and private institutions that run this this type of courses. You can do some research to find the best institute for web design, fashion design and interior design. Some institutes take their entrance exam for this.

Career Scope- There are different types of designing and methods of designing depending on their interest and each of them are differ to each other.

Designing related to fashion, cloths and trends is called fashion designing. In this type of designing you need to understand fashion trends. A fashion designer work full time in fashion house or can work in-house designing.   

Art and science of enhancing the interior or exterior of a space or building to achieve a healthier and pleasing environment for the user are known as Interior designing.

 Interior designer is a person who plans, researches, coordinates and manages such projects. The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and color is known as Graphic designing. Graphic designers are a person who use various methods to create and combine words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

Eligibility criteria:

  • To pursue B.Design you need to qualify entrance examination with at least 50% marks in 10+2 in any stream
  • You can take admission in private college directly.


After completing these type of course you will get salary 15k to 25k in a month for freshers. But if you are experience candidate, there is no limit for your earning.

5. Mass communication / Journalism BJMC:- The process of communicating your message or information through mass media to a large segment of the population at the same time via a different medium (print and digital) is known as mass-communication. And nowadays it plays an influential and important role in modern society. The study of mass-communication teaches you to how to persuade or affect the behavior, attitude, opinion, or emotion of mass at the same point of time. You can also write script/content for news and digital website or youtube channel.

mass communication institute in patna

Career option:
With time method of mass communication has evolved a lot and now the internet is the most used method to transmit quick messages. With time study of mass-communication is evolving and currently, there are four fields that are considered major areas – Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism and Public Relations. Career options for the Mass-communication field are vast for the students with strong people and communication skills, creativity, energy and enthusiasm. You need to study BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) to seek career in various field (Print, TV, Digital) of mass communication such as Film Director, Public Relation Officer, TV Correspondent, Screenwriter, Editor, Event Manager, Critic, sound mixer and recorder, Radio/Video Jockey, Photo-journalist etc.

Elgibility criteria:– If you want to write or speak in public confidentely, then this career is waiting for you. You can make career in this field after 10+2 std with good academic in any stream.

If you want to specialize in the mass-communication field you have to take admission in bachelor course in reputed institutions.

Institutes: There are various institutions that provide mass communication courses. You can first enquire and then take admission.

Times of India mass communication institute

Amity university etc

Career scope- during this course you take internship from reputed news channels or film production houses that provide this type of internship. This will really add on value in your skills. After this course you can join various companies that have vacancy of mass-communication.

Salary- the starting salary in this job is 15k to 25k in a month. You can also earn extra to do freelancer projects.

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